Our Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help small and medium size Canadian businesses Grow, Prosper, and Transition.

Vision Statement

Our primary purpose is to provide current and relevant solutions to help our clients reach their goals.  We will continue to be known for our unique and out-of-box thinking that always keeps our clients needs first and foremost.

Who is K.F.M. and what do we believe?

At Knights Financial Management, we believe that every dollar spent in your business should increase your business’s bottom line. Whether money is spent on tangible assets or the intangible ones, like employees, there needs to be a measurable difference.

Knights Financial Management is a full service planning company that is looking for small to medium sized companies in Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton wanting to ensure their business game plan is efficient and well coordinated. As an independent based company we provide holistic financial game plans that help owners meet their needs, professionally and personally. As your business advisor we help businesses understand how to grow and protect their businesses so that they can meeting their financial goals. 

Making a Difference

Not only is John Crosser committed to helping small businesses prosper and grow stronger communities, he is also committed to developing communities through financial education and volunteering at The Calgary Dream Centre. John believes an individuals’ financial fitness is linked to a better and healthier life and therefore creating stronger and safer communities. To help improve financial literacy with money fundamentals he has created an online course series called “ASPiRE: Financial Wellness”.  The course contains 3 education tracks; teens and young adults, adults (Spring 2018), and Business Owners (Spring 2018).   John promotes that in order to make a difference in our family, school, business, community, city, province, and country we must first invest in ourselves.

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About KFM’s Owner John Crosser

John Crosser, B.Ed, MA. Ed. Admin, As a business owner, benefits consultant, and financial advisor  John is able to talk with business owners and hr managers about all facilitate of building and maintaining a business.

Combining John’s degree in mathematics, 24 years of teaching and coaching, and a passion for financial education John is able to communicate efficiently with those wanting to achieve financial goals.

Currently resides in Calgary, Alberta with his wife and two daughters. John loves to golf, build furniture and teach others about personal finance.

John Crosser is an independent licensed insurance and mutual fund agent. He sells mutual funds through Peak Investment Services and insurance products through PPI Insurance solutions.

Knights Financial Management