Personal Finance 102–Earn Your Own Way

As teens its never to soon to start shaping a career path. Deciding to work outside the house is the next step in developing our skills set. Prior to interviewing for the first job it is important to:

Communicate Your skills and values as well as be able to provide examples. This can be in the form of a resume’ or interview question response.

  • Demonstrate that you’re coachable. Your attitude is as important as the work you produce.
  • Make your boss’s life easier. Hiring you is about you helping them not necessarily them helping you.
  • Pay attention to details. By doing the small things you will begin to build trust.
  • Be positive and bring lots of energy to the systems you follow.
  • Treat their business like it is your business.
  • Not work too many hours each week during the school year, as this can lead to lower grades in high school (Click here).
  • Know your paycheck will not always be as large as you had hoped it would be.

By law, employers must deduct

  • Federal and Provincial Income tax
  • Employee contributions to Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Employee contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

from employment earnings. As a result of these basic deductions paychecks received are less than what is earned.