Personal Finance 101–Funding Your Final 7000 Sleeps (Retirement Funding)

It is amazing how time quickly passes by. One day we are single with no one to look after except ourselves, then over a span of 17,000 sleeps we have developed careers, families, and communities. With all the planning and hard work required to accomplish these goals and visions what is often forgotten are the expenses we incur during the final 7000 sleeps.

Most often throughout the previous 17,000 sleeps we exchanged time for money. When we completed a job or task we were often rewarded with money. However, during the final 7000 sleeps we may not want to continue exchanging time for money, especially if the time we give up is not doing things we truly enjoy. With proper planning during the 17,000 sleeps we can reduce or eliminate an unwanted exchange.

The amount of money needed during the final 7000 sleeps depends upon the cost required to fund our life style expenses. Once this has been determined then we can make sure money has been set aside and put to work, so we do not have to make the exchange.

Use the calculator to find out how much you should be saving each month.
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