Learn How to Build Wealth Volume 1–Potential

The foundation of a personal financial game plan includes; identifying goals and their cost, controlling cash flow and saving money, managing debt, and ensuring proper protection is in place. With these things in order we can now begin building wealth.

Before beginning to discover such things as why and how wealth should be built, we need to determine what wealth is. Wealth is simply an abundance of a valuable resource. It normally includes; property (business, real estate), money, and other tangible possessions. However, there are other forms of wealth.

We all know people that possess certain talents; such as physical attractiveness, mental toughness, emotional stability, or spiritual fortitude. There is also creative wealth when putting words to prose, notes to music, or steps to dance in an effortless manner.

Regardless of the talents we posses it is important to utilize our gifts to achieve our financial goals. In this book we will discover how to build financial wealth.