Invest In Your Career–What Are Your Skills?

One of the keys to choosing a career that will bring us happiness and money is understanding our personal skill set. Personal skills include abilities we possess that are technical and transferable. Technical skills are often called hard skills and are learned through training and work experience. Transferable skills include skills that help us fit in and get along with fellow workers. Together these skills provide us with a set of tools to accomplish tasks.

Igor Kokcharov our skills can be broken into 5 different levels. Throughout our lifetime we constantly acquire and upgrade our skill set. Regardless of whether we choose to be architects or construction workers the move to the top takes about 10,000 hours.

Lei Han has broken soft skills into two categories; self management and people skills. By understanding our self management skills we can further develop how we perceive our self and others as well as how we react to adverse situations. Recognizing our people skills provides us with insight in to how to best interact and work with others so that meaningful relationships can develop.