Invest In Your Career–Understand The Application Process

The Job Application Process

Creating a career path will help in setting professional goals and strategy to help achieve financial goals. However, by focusing on career goals rather than on financial goals (house, car, retirement, boats, etc) personal fulfillment will most likely be achieved. A higher level of personal fulfillment may help us focus on achieving financial goals.
As found in other activities, part of creating a career path involves determining our values, traits and skills. While directions in our paths may change over time understanding what provides us with personal fulfillment is important to keep in mind.

To create a career path normally we need to find a job. To do so it is important to know how the job application process works. Typically we understand some of the goals (family, social, financial, etc) that provide us with fulfillment. In particular career goals. We have determined the key ingredients of what we are good at and believe in so that when we search for a job we kind of know what we are looking for. Once we find a job we are interested in we can determine if we have the qualifications. If we believe we are qualified then the most likely next step will be to submit a resume. (online, email, in person). The resume will help the company determine if we are qualified. If the company likes what they see in the resume they may want to conduct an interview to further qualify us.