Invest in Your Career–Have the Owner’s Mindset

As we have discovered in other ASPiRE Courses long term goals are typically not achieved in one big step. Very few people have jumped right into owning and running a successful business without first meeting certain self-determined criteria. Most have worked as employees while developing skills and learning the “art of doing” business all the while collecting a pay check.

The move from being an employee to that of an employer requires a different mindset. Typically employees fall within two mindsets; entitled and owners.

  • Employees with an entitled mindset often just work for the paycheck and feel the company is lucky to have them.
  • Employees with an owners mindset work to make a difference (either in the company or to improve lives. They expect to be fairly compensated for their work but feel lucky to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Creating a business run by employees with an “owners” mentality certainly will be better off than running a business with people simply waiting for their next paycheck or bonus.  Although business owners do not need to have a formal post-secondary education there are a variety of degrees that future owners can complete to help them better understand various aspect of owning and running a business.

Below is a list of typical courses offered within a degreed business program.

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Economics
  • Financial management and policy
  • Marketing
  • Organizational leadership
  • Probability and Statistic for Business
  • Communication