Invest In Your Career–Create a Career Path

In this workbook series the term career will be defined as an occupation or profession that generally requires additional training. Most often to obtain this extra training advanced education is required.

Choosing the right career requires lots of research and planning. The first step is to discover who we are in terms of like, dislikes, values, and skills. In the previous activities we identified our top values and skills.

The second step, which is the essence of this activity, is to identify potential career options that best match our current skills and values. Sometimes people make their career choices based on income or what mentors suggest without thinking about how well their skills and values match. For long term job satisfaction matching a career with what we love to do and what we are good at will play an important role.

Most careers are made up of a series of jobs. Research by Peter Harris suggests that Canadians can expect to hold 15 jobs in their careers. With this in mind it is vital to learn as much as possible from each job.

A Career path is not a job but a series of jobs utilizing common transferable and technical skills.