Are You Planning to Succeed?-You Matter!

The first of six steps I believe you need to understanding before developing a successful plan is that YOU MATTER!  Regardless of what or who you know, or how much money you have or make, you were placed on this planet to accomplish great things! The greatness you choose to accomplish is totally up to you.

Whether you choose to:

  • live a certain quality of life.
  • impact your family, school, work place, community, city/town or country

it is in your hands.  You have one life to live and what impact are you going to make?

Will you be part of solutions to things that break your heart?

  • Animal cruelty?
  • Broken families?
  • Bullying?
  • Earth abuse?
  • Children being harmed?
  • Injustice?
  • Racism?

Will you help improve the lives of others?

  • Share knowledge?
  • Give resources (time and money)?
  • Employ others?
  • Show compassion?
  • Listen?
  • Lend your voice?
  • Protect?

However, to maximize your impact discover who you are with respect to your values, traits, skills, and interests and then coordinate them to live a life you feel matters. The measure of your greatness will come from WITHIN YOU.

Once you believe you matter you are obligated to do what is needed to reach your full potential. Setting and achieving your personal goals will allow you to accomplish a greater good. Just don’t get fooled into thinking the measure of your greatness comes from assets owned, power and prestige acquired, or being first in line.