Are You Planning to Succeed?–Turning Dreams Into Reality

We all have dreams and aspirations of things that we want to achieve, and the people we want to become. The first step into achieving our life desires is to understand we all have a unique set of skills in which we can use to accomplish great things. As mentioned in the previous lesson “You Matter” by setting and achieving your personal goals a greater good can be accomplished.
The second step is to move from the stage of imagining what you want out of life to a level where a formalize plan is developed. Unfortunately, far too many people spend time just thinking about what they want out of life and fail to construct a plan to get what they want.

To begin constructing a plan write down some of things that we want to accomplish. It is okay not to know what we want out of life in every aspect of our lives because sometimes we just don’t know. Every aspect of our plan can be added to or adjusted along the way. Once the main ideas are written down specific details should be added to begin bringing the accomplishments to life.

Another important step in the planning is changing dream to visions.
Dream and visions are often mistakenly interchanged. Dreams are scattered thoughts we have while we are asleep, that are hardly remembered when we are awake. These passing events usually require very little preparation or thought and seem to just happen.

Visions on the other hand are organized ideas we have about careers, family, finances, health, and intellect. Where dreams are sometimes vague and hard to remember, visions are things we think about. Visions are accomplishments we can actively pursue with focused energy. Over time and with appropriate planning visions begin to develop, but sometimes require risks to be taken. Usually the loftier the vision a more calculated risk needs to be taken.