Are You Planning to Succeed?-Introduction


The Financial Consumers Act


According to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (with the help of several talented authors), well-being is described as the ideal state of mind of knowing where we want to go and what we want to achieve. With this description in mind, our financial well-being is the state of mind that allows us to:

  • have control over finances (spending/saving, wants vs needs, etc)
  • create and achieve financial goals (our own financial goals)

so that we can meet the financial needs of life (financial security). (paying for emergencies, buying car, house, vacation, retirement, paying bills, income).  A healthy mental state of financial well-being helps us create a path to financial security.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are all mental states that affect our well-being and can block our paths to achieving financial security. By controlling our finances through:

  • Spending less $ then we earn
  • Saving to pay for future financial goals
  • Maximizing earning potential (upgrade skills to earn more money)
  • Growing your money
  • Protecting what we have
  • Giving back
  • Using borrowed money responsively

stress, anxiety and depression can be reduced and therefore improve our financial well-being.

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