Are You Planning for Success?–Performing SMARTER

Designing S.M.A.R.T. goals is only the beginning to creating S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals. With Effort and regular Reviews goals are easier to reach.


Virtually every goal created so far requires us to produce something. For instance, earning a certain mark in a course generally requires studying or doing homework. We are required to “do something”. Be ACCOUNTABLE and do what is required!

As mentioned in activity #3 using positive self talk can change our attitude instantly. Depending on the circumstances and the day, mentally reprogramming can and should be done regularly.


In the last activity we looked at the importance of writing down goals. Once the goals are written they need to be reread daily.

Read something motivating before going to sleep and just after waking. When we sleep our mind generally replays the last thoughts we put into our heads. Reading something inspiring prior to falling asleep provides positive mental food for the next 8 hours. Begin the next day with more mind candy which provides additional energy to conquer the world.


Successfully achieving most goals will require money. From buying running shoes, taking a class, hiring a tutor, or buying a car requires financial planning. The art of saving will be investigated later. Know the financial costs of reaching goals and find ways to pay for them.