Business Succession Planning–The Dream Team

With the rising complexity of taxes, corporate structures, financial products for business owners and legal issues it is difficult to stay ahead. Let alone developing systems that run without you, maintaining thorough and accurate financial records, and managing Net Profit. In fact it can be overwhelming especially in the business transition cycle.

Having the right advisory team to help you manage all of the moving parts, so that you can do what you do best, is extremely important regardless of where you are in the life cycle of your business. It is even more important during the business transition planning process and the execution of the plan. Surround yourself with a DREAM Team.

As with all great teams each member plays a specific role and freely coordinates with others to maximize performance.

Accountant—Valuation, Tax Efficient Sale Price, Create and Verifies Financial Packages outlining performances, Tax Efficient Business structures, Corporate and personal filings
Lawyer—Helps negotiate deal, Identifies potential liability issues, Deal Structure, Title Documents, lease and loan agreements, Buy and Sell Agreement, Estate documents
Business Broker—Provides network of qualified buyers, Negotiate Price
Banker—Financing, Potential buyers, Business Information Booklet
Investment and Insurance Advisor—Tax Efficient strategies to meet financial goals, Maximize value of estate

You can create your own team or have a team assembled for you.