Parents Need Aspire Financial Wellness

As parents we are always looking for ways to help our teenagers and young adults’ successful transition (independent living, gainfully working, engaging in satisfying relationships, financial acumen, and healthy lifestyle) into adulthood (young adult to adult contributing to society).  

Although this can be a very scary transition for adults as well as teens and young adults it requires appropriate communication (verbal, nonverbal, written), encouragement (point out potential, challenging them to achieve goals—buy a house/condo, save for vacation, get a job, buying a car, earn a degree/diploma/certificate) and guidance (nurture, structure, modeling)

To help in this transition process get those you care about enrolled in the ASPiRE Financial Wellness Series for Teens and Young Adults.  The ASPiRE Financial Wellness program plan is designed to provide independent and unbiased  financial knowledge (by animated videos, discovery exercise, and interview local BO) so that teens and young adults are better able to (independent living, gainfully working, engaging in satisfying relationships, financial acumen , have a healthy lifestyle) while achieving their own financial goals. 

With over 120 animated videos (1-3 minutes) and discovery exercises spread over 10 courses (names of courses and project), supported by dozens of video interviews of local business owners sharing their trade secrets (setting and achieving goals, overcoming debt, buying a car, a house, choosing a career, interviewing for job, ect) students will

  • Improve their focus and self-esteem
  • become motivated to take positive actions to achieve their own goals
  • develop appropriate money management skills to transition into adulthood
  • learn about responsibility and setting priorities
  • expand receive the right information to make better financial decisions
  • earn up to 8 credits in high school including supporting the Career and life management CALM curriculum.  

Although the ASPiRE Financial Wellness Series is completely self-directed an amazing opportunity awaits parents that want to pass on their own experiences both good and bad.  Often times we have to wait years to see if we have effectively communicated important life skills.  By engaging with your teens as they explore the ASPiRE Financial Wellness Series your relationship will deepen when you:

share (Communication) your stories regarding:

  • Money management
  • Buying a car, house, vacations, education, ect
  • Debt
  • Healthy living

Inspire (Encourage) them to become a greater self:

  • to set goals
  • to take positive actions to achieve their goals
  • give back

Support (Guidance) them by

  • helping set up accounts
  • clarifying role structures
  • guiding them in prioritize their own goals

At the end of the ASPiRE Financial Wellness experience you will have helped your teens and young adult better make the transition into adulthood and in to their next life’s chapter.  Get them ASPiRED Today!